Cheese Our Vision

Believe it or not, the cheese category is worth over £2.6 billion. But, despite this impressive figure, there are still plenty of opportunities for growth. To realise them, we are putting our Cheese Manifesto into action – changing people’s perceptions as we go.

Our Cheese Manifesto:

Change habits

Shoppers currently spend an average of £100 per year on cheese.  To help grow this figure, we want to evolve the behaviour and habits of both the retailer and the consumer.


There are so many wonderful cheese experiences to be had.  We want people to discover the possibilities beyond cheddar and feel at ease trying and enjoying different varieties.


It’s a fact: 75% of Brits are passionate about cheese.  So, as manufacturers, it’s our duty to provide people with products that deliver joy, indulgence and reward.


Cheese consumption has increased steadily year-on-year since 2000.  To continue this impressive growth, we need to ensure the category retains its appeal to everyone, everywhere.


To achieve our Vision, we will champion the versatility of our brands and share the pleasure that they bring.